“If the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong”
Curated by Kirsty Robertson and Sarah E.K. Smith

locating the little heartbeats. 2019

“The natural world bares witness to human and non-human activity for millennia, which could guide us back to bush knowledge. Reminding us of the critical power that nature has over urban landscapes, how it will continue to flourish and override any human built structures. In the dense cityscape you can experience small organic life pushing through concrete and cracks to make its way towards the light. Our population could learn from the knowledge the land has to tell us. I think about the ways in which it breathes, feeds us and sustains us. This exhibition is excavating plants that are part of the flora and fauna of Manitoba, creating something magical to witness the power of nature and how it impacts us our lives. Each plant was hand drawn then painted and digitally transferred, to be painted out frame-by-frame and photographed to create the growing and dying aspect within an animation program. This includes hundreds of images that are sequenced visual stages of the process of growth and death that reminds us of our deep and profound connection to the earth”

GLAM Collective
(Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)