Dr. Julie Nagam

Deciphering the Refusal of the Digital and Binary Codes 
of Sovereignty/Self-Determination and Civilized/Savage ︎

Disrupting Toronto’s Urban Space Through the Creative (In)terventions of Robert Houle. by Julie Nagam University of Winnipeg and Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada ︎

Charting Indegenous Stories Of PLaces: AN Alternate Cartography Through The visual Narrative Of Jeff Thomas. by Julie Nagam ︎

(Re)mapping the Colonized Body: The Creative Interventions of
Rebecca Belmore in the Cityscape. by Julie Nagam ︎

Decolonial Interventions in Performance and New Media Art: In Conversation with Cheryl L’Hirondelle and Kent Monkman by
Julie Nagam and Kerry Swanson ︎

A Home for Our Migrations: The Canoe as Indigenous Methodology
by Julie Nagam ︎

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