Hello we are GLAM and we are a collective of 5 fierce ladies.
          Heather Igloliorte,
thus convinces us that oblivion is most brutal the more recent the past it destroys, just as uncertainty is most poignant when placed along the axis of a thought to come, of a still fervent yet already broken dream.

If our heart were large enough to love life in all it’s details, we would see that every instant is at once a giver and a plunderer, and that a young or tragic novelty — always sudden — never ceases to illustrate the essential discontinuity of time.

          Julie Nagam,
For instance, physicists have developed a notion of uniform and lifeless time without limit or discontinuity. This entirely dehumanized time has then been handed over to mathematicians. Upon entering the domain of such prophets of the abstract, time is hence reduced to a simple algebraic variable — the variable par excellence — better suited to the analysis of the possible than to the examination of the real. Continuity is indeed a schema of pure possibility for mathematicians, rather than an essential character of reality.

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